Collagen Peptides Plus



Support radiant skin, hair, and nails.


Build strong muscles, bones, and joints.


Restore gut health and improve digestion.

Reignite Wellness™



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  • Promotes joint health and integrity
  • Maintains gut health and integrity
  • Supports muscle strength
  • Helps maintain proper bone health
  • Optimizes the appearance of hair, skin, and nails


Collagen peptides

Our collagen peptides are supported by clinical research showing their ability to support collagen production, bone strength, joint health and integrity, skin health, and more.*


Lustriva® utilizes a unique type of highly absorbable biotin (a B vitamin) and the mineral silicon to provide nutritional and structural support for skin and hair. Lustriva® also provides arginine, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow for enhanced nutrient delivery and activity.

Our FANS ARE Raving

~ Emra S.

I simply cannot do without my Collagen Peptides Powder from JJ. A scoop in my daily morning coffee and I’m set for the day. Gives peace knowing I’m doing good for my body - for me. This is one of my personal self-care habits.

~ Gretchen M.

It’s great! I’ve been buying this for a while and my nails and hair feel stronger.

~ Megan A.

Adding Collagen Peptides Powder to my smoothies was the best thing I have ever done! My knees and feet are thanking me for it! I'm on my feet all day and was really feeling the aches and pains, until I added this to my smoothies!


What is the difference between Collagen Peptides Powder and Collagen Peptides Plus?

Collagen Peptides Powder contains a unique blend of patented collagen peptides. Collagen Peptides Plus upgrades this product by combining collagen peptides with Lustriva®, a patented, clinically researched blend of stabilized biotin and silica. This combination optimizes your body's collagen production to give you all the benefits, including proper bone density, skin health, thickness, hydration & appearance, nail health, joint tissue health, muscle strength, and GI tract health.

What is Lustriva®?

Lustriva® is a unique trademarked blend of the B-vitamin biotin and mineral silicon to provide nutritional and structural support for skin and hair. It also contains arginine to improve blood flow for enhanced nutrient delivery and activity. Altogether, Lustriva® complements the benefits of collagen peptides for improved hair growth and density, skin elasticity, and overall appearance.

How long will I need to use Collagen Peptides Plus?

We recommend using Collagen Peptides Plus on a daily basis, as collagen supplementation has been shown to provide many health benefits, such as supporting proper bone density, joint tissue health, muscle strength, GI tract health, and the thickness, hydration, and appearance of hair, skin, and nails. Because collagen production declines with age, and most of us do not consume adequate amounts of collagen in our diets, supplementing with collagen peptides as you get older can help you retain your vitality longer.

How should I take Collagen Peptides Plus?

Collagen Peptides Plus mixes easily in a glass of water, but you can get creative with it as you like! Blend it into your coffee or loaded smoothies, or add it to soups, sauces, and other recipes. Mix it into your morning oatmeal, or your evening cup of tea. Find the formula that works for you and makes it easy to get your collagen in every day.

Why is Collagen Peptides Plus not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Lustriva® is a proprietary blend and, thus, cannot be studied in pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. We encourage you to discuss your unique needs with your healthcare practitioner.

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