Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bars - Case of 12



100% Organic, No Sugar, No Dairy

Curb Cravings

Great Taste That Leaves You Satisfied


130 Calories per Serving

Reignite Wellness™



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Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bars can help you feel full and satisfy your sweet tooth. Fiber can help support weight management by promoting normal appetite and digestion.



Fuel your body with coconut fiber and MCT oils (medium-chain triglycerides). Many studies show that MCT oils can help support weight loss, digestion, and more!

Delta Tocotrienols

Sure diamonds sparkle, but Vitamin E Isomers (as delta tocotrienols), are your new best friend.

Unsweetened Chocolate

Theobromine – chocolate’s main ingredient – translates to "food of the gods" in Greek. Indeed, we chocolate lovers understand why. Dark Chocolate Coconut Fiber Bars are tender and sweet and taste like a candy bar!

Our FANS ARE Raving

~ Elisa B.

It's so hard to find a great-tasting chocolate coconut bar with no refined sugar. My son loves these and I feel so good about the ingredients!

~ Shirley F.

This coconut bar is delicious! I purchased three boxes which I store in the freezer. They are a healthy option for whenever I need something extra.

~ Kathleen L.

I've purchased these coconut fiber bars before and love them not only for their taste, but also for the fiber. yummy!

So Much to Love.


Get 25% of your recommended fiber intake in one bar.


Get your sweet fix without the guilt.


Fame is nice. But great digestion is even better.


Why did I receive a Prop 65 warning on my product?

Reignite Wellness™ and all other food and supplement companies who sell their products in the state of California, are subject to a California Law called Proposition 65.

“Prop 65” requires companies to give “clear and reasonable warning” for products that contain any of 800+ chemicals known to the state to cause cancer, even at very low levels.

Many of the chemicals included in Prop 65 are naturally occurring at some level in all food products, and thus nutritional supplements derived from food products.

This includes lead, for example, a mineral that can occur naturally and which the State of California defines as a chemical. Prop 65’s safe limit for lead is 0.5 mcg per day (as compared to the FDA limit of 75 mcg per day for adults). To illustrate this further, a serving of boiled shrimp can contain over 23 mcg of lead, 46 times higher than allowed by Prop 65. In this case, a grocer selling boiled shrimp is in violation of California law, if sold without a warning of lead exposure. One can visit this link for a further description of this challenge including a list of lead levels in common foods: http://www.michaelmooney.net/Lead_In_Vitamins.pdf

It’s important to note California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment states that a “Proposition 65 warning does not necessarily mean a product is in violation of any product-safety standards or requirements.”

The selection and quality of raw materials in Reignite Wellness™ products are second to none in the nutritional supplement industry. All products are third-party tested for safety, quality, and efficacy before they are ever made available to our community.

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