How to Start Running - Beginner Running Tips and Tricks

How to Start Running - Beginner Running Tips and Tricks

Running isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Getting started with these beginner running tips and tricks to make your dreaded workout your next favorite activity.

1.Get good running shoes

Toss out your old Converse and everyday slides and invest in a good pair of running shoes. Running shoes are the most important part of your running success as everything from fit to arch support to sole protection will affect your ability to run. Also understanding your pronation and proper technique, along with the proper running shoes, will help make your running easier and pain free.

2. Make it exciting

If just the thought of running sounds tedious and draining, make it exciting by exploring new places or creating a monthly playlist to get yourself going and running around town. If you’re a multitasker, try listening to a podcast or audiobook when you’re running to be both mentally and physically challenged at the same time.

3. Join a running group

There are runners all over, at all ages and all styles. And there are more beginning runners than you think. You’re probably not the only one at your level and joining a running group can help motivate you when you’re unmotivated, and build a community around a shared activity and goal. Check on Facebook and Google for a local running group and don’t be afraid of your running level compared to others. The most important part is showing up!

4. Remove mental obstacles

Telling yourself that you can’t run or are not a runner is hindering both your mental and physical ability to run. Positive thinking and proactive envisioning of you being a runner will help you not only start, but continue on in your running journey, whether short or long term.

5. Just start

Apart from planning and researching, the most important part is to start. Forget about the pace, distance, time you need to hit, and just take the first step. Get started and build up gradually. No matter if it’s 10 steps or 100 steps out the door, we all have to start somewhere and no better time than now to start!