Nothing beats an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day! Unfortunately, most readymade options are spiked with an average 10-20 grams of sugar per serving, which ISN’T so refreshing for your blood glucose or waistline... Instead of heading to the grocery store for your next lemonade fix, try my upgraded version of this summertime classic. With zero added sugars and so many amazing health benefits, you’ll feel great about mixing up a batch any time, whether you’re sipping solo or serving it up to friends! Find out some surprising ways the ingredients in my Lemon-Aid work to ditch cravings, boost your metabolism, and much more! Then get the super-simple recipe...



Besides being rich in Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and anti-aging antioxidants, the sour taste of lemon can actually quiet your appetite, while aiding in digestion and detoxification.1 Also, when lemon juice is taken about 30 minutes before eating, it can lower your blood sugar response to your meal.2 As if all that wasn’t reason enough to love this citrus fruit, research shows that a daily dose of lemons can have positive effects on your blood pressure.3


This is what I call the ultimate multitasker! L-glutamine is an amino acid, the building blocks of proteins. (You can find it here...) L-glutamine is the most abundant source of amino acids in your bloodstream and can help you crush cravings, especially for sugar and alcohol.4 It also helps you build muscle and burn fat, while also supporting digestion, healing stomach ulcers, and soothing a leaky gut.5-8 If that’s not enough to motivate you to add a scoop to your Lemon-Aid, research also shows L-glutamine can boost your immune system,  balance blood sugar, and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease! 9-11 If only all healthy habits were this easy...

Glycine is an amino acid that has been shown to regulate blood sugar by converting glucose into energy.12  Stevia is an herb that can actually enhance glucose tolerance, making it especially beneficial for people who have insulin resistance or diabetes.13 Keep your sugar impact low with JJ Virgin Sprinkles, an all-natural blend of three beneficial sweeteners: glycine, stevia, and erythritol. Erythritol rounds out the sweetness of my Sprinkles without the gas and bloating of typical sugar alcohols. No need for sugar to stay a sweetie!

Chia seeds

This high-fiber superfood can help cut those pesky cravings and keep you satisfied for hours. The high omega-3 fat content can also reduce inflammation, while studies show the antioxidants in chia seeds can protect your heart and kidneys, while also providing anti-aging and even anti-cancer benefits.14 Yes, please!

JJ Virgin Extra Fiber

Extra Fiber is the easy way to get your fiber so you feel full and satisfied between meals. Fiber not only lowers your appetite to increase weight loss success, it also helps you detox and supports better cholesterol levels. Extra Fiber is formulated with all of these benefits and without the dreaded gas and bloating you can get from typical sources of fiber. With so many health benefits from each tangy-sweet sip, you’ll definitely want to turn this summer drink into a year-round staple.

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