Amino Power Powder


Vital Nutrition

Provides all 9 essential amino acids

Immediately Available

Rapidly absorbed and used

Muscle Maintenance

Supports muscle mass

Reignite Wellness™



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Amino Power Powder provides easily absorbable free-form essential amino acids and vitamin B6 in a sugar-free, fruit-punch flavored powder. It may support:

  • Maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • Muscle development
  • Optimal protein status
  • Faster post-workout recovery
  • Resilience to age-related muscle loss


Free-Form Amino Acids

In their free form, amino acids can be immediately absorbed, so you can use them faster and more easily than those in dietary protein. Your body relies on amino acids to enable several important processes, such as muscle maintenance, tissue repair, and nutrient absorption. Amino acids also support protein synthesis, which is essential in making muscle, enzymes, and even hormones. They may also help fight age-related muscle loss and improve athletic performance.*

Alpha-Ketoglutarate This compound may support stamina and energy levels. It also plays a vital role in the healing and building of muscle tissue. Because it stimulates protein synthesis, it’s used by your cells during their growth and repair processes and could help slow muscle loss.*

Vitamin B6 Famous for its role in energy production, vitamin B6 also aids in the metabolism of amino acids and creation of red blood cells.*

Our FANS ARE Raving

~ Caroline C.

Dissolves well and tastes good.

~ Don S.

Our family uses amino acid powders in order to conserve calories but still get the amino acids we need for strong muscles. I find that JJ Virgin's formulation is thoughtful, and her listing of the specific ingredients is helpful, as contrasted with the "proprietary mix" some others are selling. Also tastes better.

~ Carolyn A.

Excellent product to maintain "mature" health and fitness!

Built to Last

Support your muscle mass so you can age powerfully.

For Strong, Sensitive Types

Easier to digest and use than amino acids in food, for stomachs that need a little extra care.

Sweet, Not Sugary

Made with stevia… and 0 grams of sugar.



We always recommend discussing your unique nutritional needs with your healthcare practitioner. JJ generally recommends using Amino Power Powder in addition to All-In-One Shakes as an "insurance policy" that you're getting everything you need. Amino acids are critical for optimal health, and Amino Power Powder helps ensure that you're getting all nine essential amino acids to help support muscles, energy, workout recovery, hormone production, immune health, and more.


When you eat protein, it breaks down in your body into amino acids (the building blocks of protein). Because they're already broken down, they don't go through the same digestive process that a whole protein would go through, so it is not considered a source of protein on a nutrition label.

Think of it this way: Imagine protein as a complete puzzle, and the puzzle pieces that make it up are amino acids. When you eat food containing protein, it's like getting a whole puzzle that your body breaks into individual pieces to build muscles, enzymes, and more. Amino Power Powder is like getting a box of individual puzzle pieces directly—they are ready to be used and don't need to be broken apart from a whole puzzle first.

So while Amino Power provides the crucial pieces similar to protein, it's in a form that's ready to use right away. It can act as a safety net to ensure you have enough puzzle pieces, but it's not replacing the whole puzzle you would get in your diet, which also provides energy (calories) along with the puzzle pieces.

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