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JJ Virgin


JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C

Founder & CEO, Mindshare Summit and JJ Virgin & Associates

Your body is not a bank account. It’s a chemistry lab.” — JJ Virgin

Triple-board certified nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer JJ Virgin is a passionate advocate of eating and exercising smarter. JJ and her team help people stay fired up and healthy as they age, so they feel the best they ever have at age 40+. JJ is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. Her newest title, Warrior Mom, shows caregivers everywhere how to be strong, positive leaders for their families, while exploring the inspirational lessons JJ learned as she fought for her own son’s life.

Counting calories and hours on the treadmill will never achieve the lasting results that help you look and feel your best! That’s why JJ specializes in weight loss resistance related to food intolerances and sugar addiction. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people reignite their health, energy, and well-being with her groundbreaking diet and mindset programs. She shows people how to eliminate weight gain, fatigue, and pain related to food intolerances, as well as shift from being sugar burners to fat burners. She also teaches how to build a strong, positive mindset so that your health and life goals are always within reach. 

JJ is a prominent TV and print media personality, whose previous work includes co-starring on TLC’s Freaky Eaters and 2 years as the on-camera nutrition specialist for Weight Loss Challenges on Dr. Phil. JJ regularly speaks at major integrative medical and consumer conferences, having shared the stage with Seth Godin, Lisa Nichols, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Hyman, Dan Buettner, and Mary Morrissey. Her regular appearances include PBS, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, the TODAY Show, Larry King Live, and Access Hollywood. JJ also hosts the popular Ask the Health Expert podcast, with over 7 million downloads and counting. She writes for Rodale Wellness, Mind Body Green, and other major blogs and magazines. 

JJ has provided nutrition and training programs for a wide variety of famous faces, including CEOs, athletes, and celebrities like Gene Simmons, Ben Stiller, Taj George, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Nicole Eggert, Tracie Thoms, and “Superman” Brandon Routh. 

JJ is a board-certified Nutrition Specialist, board-certified in Holistic Nutrition, and a Certified Exercise Physiologist. She has completed over 40 graduate and doctoral courses and continues to learn every day to keep her audience up-to-date on the latest science. JJ is also a business coach and founded the premier health entrepreneur event and community, The Mindshare Summit.

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